The Real Picture Vs the 3D Render, Part 1.

Hi, so I have decided to write about this topic because it is one I get asked about quite a lot by both my clients and fellow designers.

In my experience, clients who are interested in my ideas shown through my 3D renders, often want to know how close the final product would look in comparison. I would imagine a lot of designers get the same question. Personally, I give my clients realistic expectations by explaining to them that the 3D renders are simply a well-defined ‘guide’ to what we intend to achieve. Furthermore I explain to them that moderated variations could occur in production/construction due to unforeseen factors such as limited labor, materials or even time. (Btw I find it advantageous to know as much products available in my markets as possible, so my 3D renders could be based of realistic and readily available materials).

Anyways over the next few days, I will post pictures of how some of my 3D renders have compared with my final work and if anyone has had any similar experiences or opinions, please share.