The Real Picture Vs the 3D Render, Part 2.

For this project my goal was to create a modern indoor/outdoor swimming pool to serve as an extension to a classic design hotel. The original idea shown in the 3D render depicts a roofless top with glass walls overlooking the hotel, the pool was also meant to serve as a visual attraction to incoming guests at night, using lights and a waterfall.

If you compare the 2 images, you can see that the idea is the same but there were a lot of modifications to the design as the project progressed, including the hotel fence which can be seen in the background. I particularly love this project because I came up with the original idea from scratch and my client was courageous enough to follow through with it.

Also the color of the pool waters are different and the times of the day(daytime/nighttime), which further emphasizes my point that although 3D renders are the most reliable visual guides to a project, designers should always educate their clients to have realistic expectations when comparing the render to the final project.