The Real Project Vs the 3D Render, part 4.

I could not imagine having a healthier obsession than the one I have for architecture. It is a glorious thing to conceptualize a structure, put those ideas on paper and then construct it into reality. I daresay such a process, mimics LIFE – we dream, we believe and those ideas form our reality.

Such was the case with this project, I literally spent months designing and redesigning every detail on this building. Although it appears simple, a lot of effort was put in by me, my team and the client to make it appear so, even the cornice details were specified down to the millimeters. Randy!

If there is one lesson I learned from this project, is that less effort should be put into making cool unrealistic renders that may wow a client but are unfeasible and more effort should be placed on creating renders that can be produced with available materials and a definite plan to create them, depicting the details of the project as much as possible.