Is it possible to always deliver a great project and satisfy clients?

When starting or growing a company, your first clients are often very important and there is often a strong desire to impress them to grow your clientele base further.

With my company (Nulohomes), I have often searched for better ways to organize my business in such a way that we always deliver a great job but very few times things do not go as planned. To reduce the chances of this happening, I have spent considerable time reviewing my old projects, sieving through ‘what went wrong’ and ‘what went right’. I have come to the conclusion that in my case the most deciding factor has been the quality of the materials I use and the caliber of staff I engage in the projects. Although there are other factors that influence the outcome of a project such as financial management, schedule management, logistics, design etc. In my case these have played more periphery roles.

P.S :I think any design and construction business is only as good as its staff and it is the responsibility of its leadership to understand this and manage it accordingly.