Why the buildings in Nigeria look less defined than those in more developed countries.

If you are ‘Archilover’ and have ever been in Nigeria,one of the things that stand out is how less defined the buildings are in comparison to structures in more developed parts of the world.

If you visit the typical building material markets in any state in Nigeria, you will likely discover that most of the basic materials required to construct a well defined structure are readily available. Materials such as concrete(cement), granite, gravel, metal rods etc. So why do most of the buildings in Nigeria seem poorly built? One easy conclusion to reach , is a lack of skilled labor but after working in Nigeria as building contractor for 7 years, I know that skilled labor is available.

I think the problem is that Nigeria and Africa as a whole are generally behind on industrialization and therefore most parts of the building process are manual which has human error in them, which results in the imperfections. To illustrate this, below are 2 different processes to show the difference.


Using manual methods often results in less definition and cracks and more so time consuming.


Using a more refined process of prefabricated cavities and concrete mixers provide a more even, stronger and well defined finish as shown and more so saves time.