Best blockchain project of 2018

To all those who are truly passionate about the blockchain and how it can improve and democratize our society, please pay attention because I am about to tell you about the most exciting blockchain project for 2018.
It is called ‘Gems’, and these guys want to greatly improve a huge part of our labor market called mechanical Turks. If you have never heard of ‘Mechanical Turks’, then it’s just a fancy name for a platform (marketplace) where job seekers and providers meet to accomplish jobs that are more suited for humans than computers. An example is taking surveys or identifying obscure objects on a page. Now, there are companies that already provide this platform such as ‘amazon web services’, but in as much they improve the labor market by such services, they are still very inefficient. If you have ever tried one of such services as a job seeker, you know that the pay is usually very low, sometimes less than $1/hr and moreover the job providers are not so lucky either because they get charged huge fees by such platforms, in some cases up to 20%. This set-up is unfair to both the job seeker and provider and ‘Gems’ wants to change this by taking out the middleman and creating a truly decentralized and democratized system that favors both parties, allowing the job seeker to earn optimally for the services he/she provides and the job provider to save cost.
What Gems is trying to accomplish offers more than a simple marketplace like Amazon web services, they are building an entire eco-system where decentralized DApps(applications) can be built on top of the Gems Protocol similar to Ethereum which is one of the largest blockchain platforms functioning today.
If you are still not excited about this project yet, then let me tell you guys about the team backing this project and what they have accomplished and I guarantee your interest will be piqued. First, this is not just a white-paper project, they have released a pre-alpha version of the Gems platform. Their telegram group has grown from less than 10 people to over 8,000 in one month with minimal marketing, which shows genuine organic interest in the project. Furthermore, their advisory team is absolutely stellar, world-class individuals who have a track record of being involved in revolutionary ideas and accomplishing them. One of the is Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, and Jelly and named my ‘Time’ magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. Yes, this is the best block chain project I have seen in 2018 and possibly ever, I am very excited about this project and I hope you are too! The original idea of the block chain was to democratize the world and make it a better place and this project is bonafide.